Fast-Track Lasagna Education, Because I Love You

I can’t tell you how happy lasagna makes me. The orderly fashion with which it must be constructed. The beautiful colors. The cheese. It’s comforting from beginning to glorious end.

It’s a work of ooey, gooey art and it is one of my favorite meals to make.

It recently came to my attention that there are still people out there – people I know and love, y’all – who don’t know how to make lasagna. That is simply unacceptable and I am here to fix that unspeakable problem tonight.

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Welcome to the Table!

A small, round farm table in a cozy kitchen.

A long, elegant oak table with runners and centerpieces in a grand dining room.

A short coffee table in a living room, surrounded by pillows.

All tables, regardless of how grand or humble, are in themselves invitations.

Come, sit, eat, laugh, they say.

Take a load off. Set your stuff down. Enjoy a few moments of rest and sustenance.

How wonderful to be a table. 
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Sometimes, You Just Need Grits

Days like today – dark, cloudy, wet, and cold – you just need to have some comfort food. It’s not about freshness or health or any of that stuff. It’s just about something that warms your bones and brings back memories – or creates them.

After MOPS today, as we drove home in the sleet, I asked Monkey what she wanted for dinner. After some thought, she replied with pancakes. My first reaction was “WOOHOO! Mama’s getting off light tonight!” Who among us doesn’t love pancake night? It’s quick, easy, delicious, and everyone is happy and eats. It’s win-win!

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